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    1. Read the story of Guy De Maupassant after a long time. He was a great writer. He wrote masterpieces in English literature. I am also looking for his other books.

  2. 11Ko online exam chalexa aautale yo site ko link pathayo khoi ta Q&A nai xaina yrrr😅😅

    1. Hello Arun...
      Click on the chapter's title and then you will see two options for "Summary" and "Exercise". You can go to the desired page by clicking one of these options. Thank You!

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    1. Thanks for sharing. By the way you can download software and utitlies at softabulary.

  4. this is only literature parts. can you make language development notes too??

  5. Physics, Chemistry ra bio ko ni xaina?

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    1. You can save the page offline, but cannot download!

  7. Project work haru ko xaina
    Malai page no 30 ko project work ko chaiyethyo
    Plz help me

  8. Xo ma euta project garnu na plzz.(Look at the status of Facebookof your Facebook friends in the last 24 hours or last twodays. Do not write their names or any other identity. Categorize the information into various groups and critically discuss how you find them.Explain what kind of messages the users were tryingto communicate, whetheror not the messageshave any ethical issues, how people might perceive the messages on the status
    Please prepare a cover page too. The work can be eithery handwritten or typed. (Minimum 5 status have to be collected and analysed). )


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