Biography of Anuradha Koirala. Nepali: Anuradha Koirala (Born on 2009 BS, Baisakh 1) is well-known social worker and the founding president of Maiti Nepal. She is also the current state chief of Bagmati State of Nepal. She has been rescuing trafficked girls through her non-governmental and non-profit organization called Maiti Nepal. Her organization is working for the rescue and rehabilitation of Nepali girls who are the Victims of sexual Violence.

Koirala started her social work by rescuing nine girls from sexual violence. She took the social responsibility on her shoulders at that time. She established Maiti Nepal on March 7, 2008. And, started rescuing women and girls who had been subjected to sexual violence. Koirala has so far rescued more than 50,000 women through Maiti Nepal. There are more than 30 rehabilitation centers in Kathmandu and different districts.

Primary Life:

Anuradha Koirala was born to father Pratap Singh Gurung and mother Jarina Gurung in Okhaldhunga on April 20, 2009. She is one of four brothers and two sisters. Anuradha’s only son Manish Koirala has also been running an NGO called ‘Prayas Nepal’. Koirala spent her childhood in Assam with father Pratap Singh Gurung and his mother Jarina Gurung. She returned to Nepal in 2021 BS.

By the time Anuradha Koirala returned to Nepal, new uses had started in the education system in the country. She married to Dinesh Koirala at the age of 19 during her stay at Kathmandu. When Anuradha came to Kathmandu, the trend of giving priority to English education had just started. After the English language school started, she began to have many opportunities.

Education Career

Anuradha, a graduate of St. Joseph’s School in Kalebung and a graduate of an excellent college in Calcutta, had the opportunity to teach English. Koirala spent 20 years teaching, Consedering teaching as a form of social service. Koirala, who knows the Montessori method of teaching children, worked as a teacher in Various schools. She Worked at New English School (Amar Adarsh), Martius, Budhanilkantha, Galaxy, Universal Sign. Also, she worked as the founding principal of Trishakti School.

Even about 53 years ago, Koirala, who lived in Gaushala, used to visit Pashupatinath in the morning. On the way to Pashupati, there were many beggars with children in front of them. Seeing that, a question would arise in her mind. How can those who beg on streets during the day & spend the night below the sky be free from violence? While searching for the answer to this question, a conversation with a beggar woman revealed that her suspicion was correct. Her social service started after she provided room to nine victims to open a shop. She also Gave them Rs 1,000 per month to get rid of sexual violence.

Starting Of Social Service

She used to collect Rs. 2 per day from the women after setting up the shop with the help of Rs. 23,000 saved as savings and Rs. 7,000 as salary. She used the money to help 10 children. Anuradha, hoping that her salary would be enough to feed her, was adding to the debt. As her hard work and grief increased, she contracted tuberculosis. But after the treatment, she started touring the trafficked districts with the help of Padma Kanya students and police. With the aim of spreading awareness against trafficking, which has become a serious problem in the country. Founded in 1993, Maiti Nepal aims to help students who have been sold and returned.

By 1994, the number of girls and children living in Maiti Nepal had reached 80. It was very hard to feed them all. Gradually, as many were impressed by her work, helpers began to appear. Koirala says, when British Prince Charles came to Nepal. The paintings made by him proved to be a boon for Maiti Nepal. The money raised from the sale of Charles’ paintings helped the organization to expand.

Some Works of Maiti Nepal

Maiti Nepal currently has branches across the country.

> It is working to prevent the trafficking of girls.

> To help the trafficked Girls and Womans.

> Provide protection.

> Provide employment. And,

> Help in the rehabilitation of families.

Maiti Nepal volunteers are deployed like police on the border of Nepal. They have saved many girls from the traffickers. The blue-clad soldiers, who are watching the vehicles one by one, are helping the police to catch the traffickers.


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